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There is only one advantage of the daylight saving time: I have the chance to see the sunrise twice in spring and fall. Just as the sun rises too early for me to see it on my way to work, we put our clock one hour forward. Same in fall, just as the mornings are too dark, we put hour clock one hour back.


It is interesting how the position of the sun changes. The “greener” panorama was shot in september, 2008. The other one as the two images above, too a few weeks ago. Same same but different, as the people in Thailand are used to say. Same time, same place, different season.


I used different focal lengths also, as you can see. The upper one is made with the 14mm wide angle lens.

More of my way to work in my gallery.

A lot of snow.

snow.jpgMy way to work

We passed a few days in the swiss alps around new year. We stayed in Thun, near Interlaken in the Berner Oberland and went for excursions in the Jungfrau Region. It was great. Actually, this region is part of the UNESCO cultural heritage “Jungfrau - Aletsch - Bietschhorn”, the most glaciated part of the Alps.


Really great snow and wonderful wother. And in spite of my ISO mistake (I forgot to turn it down to 200 and let it at 1600 the first day after new year’s eve…) I got some not so bad pictures I want to share here. The ISO performance of my new Nikon D90 is not bad. There is a noticable difference im comparison to my D70s I used before.


I took some series to build panoramas, too. And this is the most beautiful one I think. I spent some time in creating sharpening masks and blur masks to reduce the noise in the sky (caused by my ISO 1600…) without losing details. And at least for this size it works I think.

Panorama.jpgPanorama of Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger

This is the view over the Jungfrau with Mönch and Eiger on the left of the panorama. The very left one is the Eiger.

EigerNordwand.jpgJungfrauBahn.jpgEiger Nordwand and a schematic map of the region

They built a cog rauilroad called “Jungfraubahn” from little Scheidegg to the Junfraujoch, which is a hotel, a restaurant and certainly a great panorama viewpoint. They call it “Top of Europe”, although the hightest european mountain is the Montblanc. Anyway, the railroad they built in 1912 is quite impressive as they even made a station or two with windows in the Eiger Nordwand! We did not go up as it is really expensive to go there. The cablecars to the places whe went were expensive enough. But I want to go some day. Hopefully with a similar weather.


We had the chance to watch a roaring avalanche on the other side of the valley. It was quite far away and in the shadow. The sound needed a few seconds until arriving to our side of the valley. Nevertheless impressioning. We were on the way down with sledges from little Scheidegg (over 2000m) (which is directly in front of the Eiger Nordwand) to Wengern.

The weather in the valley was ugly. Cold, dark and gray. But as we went up we encountered with the sun. I love those seas of clouds! The clouds were at about 1300m, which is exaclty the altitude of Wengern. The upper village had nice weather, the lower part had really bad and cold weather. You can see this on the third photo of the three below. This was the upper limit of the clouds. A few meters below the temperature dropped noticable.

High fog in Wengern

The last day we visited Thun and Bern. I published one of the photos of Bern in a previous blog entry.

Another one of the photos I took in Frankfurt. Not sure if I really like this photo. Hope you like it.

winterinfrankfurt.jpgWinter in Frankfurt

RAW processed with UFRaw, adjusted and sharpened with Gimp.
This photo on Flickr

I was in Frankfurt city yesterday and I had a look on the Main, which is frozen a few dozens of kilometers upriver. As the day before was the first day for almost two weeks when the temperature climbed above 0°C it seems the some of the ice broke and drifted downstream.

Leaving the ice

It was snowing.

damn_cold.jpgThe thermometer of our neighbours showed -12.1°C. This thermometer is just at the outside of the wall. The coldest night in the last seven years in Hesse. My fingers get too cold riding (by bike) my 2 km from the train station to work that it hurt. We had about -17°C outside the villages.

But the sunrise was fascinating. A shame that I have no time to go to a place to take pictures of the industrial zones near here. With those temperatures the smoke of the chimneys looks impressive.