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Some updates on the addins for F-Spot I wrote about lately.

New Addin: Tabbed Sidebar

I announced that this wasn’t possible. Well, Ruben Vermeersch made the F-Spot Sidebar public, so that I can access it with a Service Addin. See my last post for a screenshot. This saves at least a click on each sidebar page change.

This is done using a service addin which accesses the F-Spot UI elements on startup. Restart F-Spot after installing this addin to to work.

Import Processed Files

  • Fixed crash: API change in latest git 0.6

DateTime Format

  • Added new config variable for long date display. F-Spot displays the date and the time, too, if the width of the thumbnails is wide enough. You can use this variables now:
    gconftool-2 --type string \
    --set "/apps/f-spot/ext/datetimeformat/shortdate" "yyyy-MM-dd"
    gconftool-2 --type string \
    --set "/apps/f-spot/ext/datetimeformat/longtime" "HH:mm"

    You have to restart F-Spot after installing this addin or changing the date patterns.

You can find the source code as always on Gitorious, the extension url here:

The addins for 0.5 did not change. The tabbed sidebar is not available for 0.5.