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I updated the two F-Spot addins for Bibble 4 and I published two new ones. Furthermore, the URL of the repository has changed and I published the source on gitorious.

Send to Bibble 4 Pro Work Queue

I made some little adjustments, code clean up and prevented f-spot from crashing if the Bibble 4 Work Queue directory does not exist. This addin will send the original versions of the selected photos to a Bibble 4 Pro Work Queue named “F-Spot”. Unfortunately, Bibble 4 Lite does not support work queues.

Import Processed Files

Some little adjustments and code clean up, too. This addin imports files which are located in the same directory as the selected photos and with a filename starting with the base filename of the selected photo into Bibble. For example, if DSC_1234.NEF is selected, it will import DSC_1234.jpg and DSC_1234 (modified).jpg. It does not use versions, as I did not use versioning when I created this addin.

Version Sidebar


This is a nice addin which extends the F-Spot sidebar and adds a page showing the versions and their filenames of the current selected photo. Switching between the versions with clicking on the thumbnails does have the same effect as selecting the different versions in the original drop down box in the lower left corner of the sidebar.

By the way: In this screenshot you see tabs in the sidebar, not the drop down menu you’ll be used to. This is a branch on gitoriours of f-spot I created to save clicks, the dropdown menu is awful. Unfortunately I don’t think this is to be included in trunk (the bevel border does not match with the browse window border can not switched off with tabs for example) and it is not possible to do this within an addin.

DateTime Format

This addin allows you to adjust the date time format f-spot uses to display the short date below the photo icons, similar as the GNOME panel clock applet does it.
Well, this is a real ugly hack. But it works. And as it is really cumbersome to create your own date time format using the LC_* variables (you will have to create and compile your own locale file) and furthermore mono does not seem to read those LC_* variables (perhaps I did not try hard enough), I don’t know a better way than doing this using the configuration backend.

To set for example the ISO date format, add this value to gconf (if your f-spot is using gconf as configuration backend), either per command line or per gconf-editor:

gconftool-2 --type string \
--set "/apps/f-spot/ext/datetimeformat/shortdate" "yyyy-MM-dd"

The date time format must be a format recognized by the DateTimeFormatInfo class.

You have to restart F-Spot after installing this addin to see the effect.

Repository URL and Installation

All four addins are published here. The repository URL for the latest stable release of f-spot ( is:

The URL for current git (0.6) is

Add the URL to your repositories in F-Spot (Edit -> Manage Extensions -> [Repositories…]), then go to [Install Extensions…], click on “Refresh”, check the checkboxes for the addins you want to install and click on [Forward].